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Kelly Sildaru

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    Talinn, Estonia

Joining the Roxy team at just 13 years old, Kelly Sildaru is one of the most exciting, rising talents in the freeskiing community. Sliding her first box at age 5, throwing her
first 720 at age 7 and stomping all 900s at age 11 (each variation of switch/forward stance and right/left spin).

In 2015 she gracefully stamped her authority, winning the Dew Tour Freeski Slopestyle final, in Breckenridge, Colorado, with the biggest run of the contest, an impressive 90.80. At 16, Kelly became the first skier to win three medals within the same Winter X Games weekend in Aspen. The young athlete famously signed a near perfect run, which earned her a 99, the highest score ever attributed during the event.

At 17, she now has 7 X-Games medals under her belt.

Needless to say, she is a talent to be watched.


Favorite place to travel? There are so many beautiful places in the World that I have seen and still so many places to which I haven't been. I would say right now my favorite place to travel is definitely New Zealand. The nature there is so pretty and there’s also really good ski there.

Best moment in your career? For me there are two or three best moments in my career. The first was when I won my first X Games when I was 13 years old.

The second one is probably X Games 2019, I competed in three
disciplines and got medals from all, bronze in Big Air, silver in Halfpipe and gold in Slopestyle, as well as the highest women's Slopestyle score.

And the third best moment in my career was just 16 days later when I become World Champion in Halfpipe. There are many more good results that I'm stoked about but these three are my favorite.

Favorite things to do when you’re not riding? Besides skiing, I really love snowboarding so I'm trying to snowboard as much as I can. But when I’m not riding I like to go to school and spend some time with my friends. In the summer I really like to surf!

Fashion essentials? I’m a true sneaker fan, I have sooo many sneakers at home and I wear them pretty much all time. I really like pants, it does not matter if there are shorts or jeans, I’m just not really a dress type of person. And I never go out without sunglasses, I need to have them with me all the time!

Favorite moment with ROXY? I always really like when the team is together, we can ride all together or just hang out. I had a really fun time in Kauai when we had a team shooting there. It was also nice to cruise with team riders in Stubai, Austria.