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Nao Omura

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Born in Japan, Nao Omura started surfing at the age of 10 while on a family holiday in Hawaii. Since that day, surfing has been a huge part of her life. 

Today, she is one of the most talented in her home country, surfing on the Qualifying Series for over 10 years. With Japan welcoming surfing into the Olympics for the first time ever, she hopes to see increased interest in surfing in Japan.


Favorite place to travel: Indonesia. There are many beautiful islands and waves.

Best moment in your career: When I was 13 years old, I was chosen for world Jr. I was impressed by many talented surfers around the world and they triggered a dream to become a professional surfer myself.

Favorite things to do when you’re not riding: Play with my dogs. I’m taking my dogs to the beach and I surf and swim with them. (Actually still riding on big board with them 😊)

Fashion  essentials: Simple clothing with some great accessories.

Favorite moment with ROXY: I stayed at the ROXY house in France with many ROXY Girls from around the world. It was the first time I traveled to Europe and I just enjoyed everything with the girls, surfing, competing, cheering, eating and riding the bicycle.