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Zoe Grospiron

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    Anglet, France

Zoe was born in the French Alps, first experiencing riding on skis. At age 12, her family moved down to the South West of France, in Anglet, a town famous for its beach break. There, Zoe was initiated to the world of surfing by her stepfather, Leny. A year into the sport, she drifted towards longboard: “I fell in love with longboard as soon as I tried it. I was fascinated by Kelia Moniz’s style and her take on the sport.”

Four years later, her results speak for themselves: 3rd at the 2015 and 2016 French Championships, 2nd in 2017.

Today Zoe, combines surfing and studies: she has just returned to business school and stood on the second step of the podium at the 2020 European Championships.


Favorite place to travel? My favourite place to travel is Australia. I fell in love with that beautiful country, charmed by the landscapes and the waves and felt all the positives energies. I have so much to see and I am sure that each place has its own thing that makes you love it.

Best moment in your career? The best moment in my career was simply finding out who I am and what I wanted in life!

Favorite things to do when you’re not riding? I love food and health so I really like to take time to cook healthy meals, read and learn about body/mental health, care and fitness. I also like to spend time with my family and to work out.

Fashion essentials? As a surfer, my bikinis are my fashion essentials! Comfy, easy and trendy... all I need!

Favorite moment with ROXY? I have two favourite moments with ROXY. The first one was in France, in 2018 during the ROXY Pro! I met Kelia Moniz -my favourite longboarder- and spent a week with all the ROXY Girls! We had so much fun. The other one was in Noosa, surfing with the ROXY family all day long during 2 weeks! It’s such a good vibe and I really appreciated this sisterhood!